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We have a 20 years of experience in Lift Industry. We provides expertise in lift and escalator maintenance, repair, modernisation and installation. We maintain a large portfolio of lift and escalator equipment and offer nationwide troubleshooting services to the whole lift industry with working partnerships.



Installation of Lifts in
New Equipment Business

We support installation of high-rise, midrise and customer modular lifts in construction projects.

We provide support to improving the rise quality of the high rise lifts.

We provide support to refurbrishmemt of the lifts after builder use.

Door replacement works after builder use.

We supply NV3 engineers to support the project labour resources.

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Modernisation  and transformation of your old existing lifts

We provide services to support modernisation of the old lift after pull out of the Lift from the shaft.

We provide support installation of the equipment for partial modernisation.

Our installation efficiency provide a excellence service to quickly modernise the Lift with less disruption in the building vertical transportation.

We also support in site survey

Repair Solutions

Major Repairs of Lifts

We provide all kind of repair support service and modernisation.

We repair the sheaves.

We repair the bearings.

Motor rewinding works.

Rope Replacement

Governor Replacement

Machine Replacement

All Type of Repair Works

Rewinding of Machine

Bearing Replacement


Service Solutions

We provide solutions for major service of elevators.

Main sheave and divertor sheave replacement.

Replacement of landing and car door headers.

Main and Governor Ropes replacement work in the Existing service Portfolio.

Motor and sheave bearing replacement work.


Who We Are

We ensure your safe transportation at both your home and workplace.

Transform and modernize your aging elevator with our cost-effective solutions for existing operational buildings.

Our digital team offers a seamless service to connect you to your elevator with just one touch.

We uphold the fundamental core values of the elevator industry by providing safe, efficient, and digitally connected transportation to move you.

Providing transparent and dependable elevator services through a digital platform.

A single call is all it takes to address your elevator maintenance, repair, and upgrade needs.

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you achieve operational excellence and reliability.

By connecting your elevator to the internet, we provide you with predictive maintenance services and the ability to connect with your elevator at any time.

Our Team

Malick Camara Mbye


David Serrano Alcalde


Digital Service

Solution to connect your existing elevator with Internet for predictive maintenance

Enhancing reliability of your lift performance

Predictive maintenance to slow the wear tear and increasing the life spam of your elevator

Building content management by using the digital platform building advertisement content management

Real time management of lift on cloud services

Service Portfolio

Maintenance Contract of the Existing Portfolio

Comprehensive Service

We support the facility managers by taking care of their elevators regular maintenance.
Comprehensive spare part replacement during faults Complete service solution to maintain your lifts for achieving reliability and increasing life span.

Non- Comprehensive Service

Maintain all necessary lift portfolio by providing technical and non-technical service support for achieving best availability of VT all the time to serve. Safety audits of the lifts

Call Out Services

Emergency call out service to attend the lift breakdown and resuming the lift operation.
Monthly maintain service on call out. Tech support for licence renewal and annual testing of the lift.

Tender Support

Lifts installation Construction Projects

Lift installation Modernization projects

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What People Say

It was great to deal with they responded quickly and told us the exact turn around time, which was achieved by them, something which is a rare attribute these days. once at the site, the quality of work was very neat, perfect and they knew the technicalities very well. Overall a great experience.

Corey Ross


Mova Lifts company given best services for my apartment’s lifts and support during break down 24/7.

Geoff Show


The price’s are best and reasonable also very experienced and knowledgeable team i am really happy and satisfy by their prompt Service.

Luke Brody



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